About Us

Founded in 2016 by Rob Rimmer a long time lacrosse enthusiast. Rob has worked at one of the Largest Lacrosse Retailers in the world for well over 18+ years. He first found his love for the sport when he was 3 years old and played all through college.
Rob helped lay the forefront in the customization lacrosse market with his unique dyed lacrosse heads, products, & apparel.
The idea of launching a Customizable Lacrosse Goal came to him after attending an event at the Nike Headquarters called "The Ride" where he watched them strip a goal down and paint it white. As he further dug into the market he realized that no one has ever offered a product like this. From there he began to figure out how he can improve on the current products that were being offered. He noticed a lot of people were  practicing on rounded corner goals with flimsy nets that would rip easily and were a nightmare to string up. 
After about 10 months of research and countless sampling and testing. He came up with a one of kind backyard lacrosse goal featuring a 6 piece assembly system with stringing loops welded on to the back for easy set up and a sturdy 5mm lacrosse net built to withstand the hardest shots. 
Next step was to make our product different and stand out. What better way for someone to stand out then to be able to customize it into their favorite College Team, Travel team, or Local Program.
What first just started as an idea has now come to life and we hope you will enjoy the journey with us as we strive everyday to become better and better and offer you a product like no other.